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!! New Release - May 2007 !!

The final installment in the Superchick Trilogy - Ride On - is officially released!
Visit the News section for more details.

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"There's something about Aesop ..."

Being a famous rockstar just isn't all it's cracked up to be.
The brilliant conclusion to the Superchick trilogy ...read more ...

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"Stephen J. Martin is a wordsmith with one ear for rock music and another for Dublin's vernacular. The dialogue drips authenticity."
- Irish Examiner

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"Play drums, drink beer and ride as many women as possible ..."

No one told Jimmy he'd have to decide between fame and fortune.
The hilarious sequel to Superchick ... read more ...

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"All women are bastards ..."

Jimmy's just been dumped and he's not taking it very well.
The novel that started it all ... read more ...